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Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Who Needs Sports Physio?

Sports physiotherapy is for everyone! The common misconception about Sports Physio is that you need to be a signed athlete in order to qualify! Most of the time, this is very far from the truth. At Physique Physiotherapy, we treat an extremely large and ever growing number of community members from Mt Tamborine and surrounding areas. We treat amazing weekend warriors; young parents getting back into running, members of the local footy teams, golf club members, dance troupes, and most importantly, lots of energetic school kids who know how important it is to play for fun.

And yes, we do help elite, high performance athletes, too!

Any person involved in sport and other athletic pursuits are at a much higher risk of injury due to the increased forces and stresses being placed on their bodies.

We help hundreds of people every week perform at their best!

Your Treatment...

At Physique Physiotherapy, Mount Tamborine, we have a vast amount of experience in treating and rehabilitating sports injuries.  Whether it is a persistent niggle that is decreasing performance; an overuse training related issue; an injury sustained on the weekend; or rehabilitation following a major injury, At Physique, we have the skills to get you back performing at your optimal level. 

We are experts at assessing and identifying the underlying cause of the pain or weakness and then developing treatment plans to correct the problems.  We believe strongly that hands-on manual therapy treatment techniques are essential in correcting any tissue dysfunction that is either a result of the problem or is contributing to the problem.  In addition, each patient at Physique Physiotherapy, Mount Tamborine, is provided with a detailed and individualised home exercise program aimed at correcting any dysfunctional movement patterns.  These patterns may be as a result of weakness, muscular tightness or joint stiffness.        

Our Aim?

Each physiotherapist at Physique Physiotherapy is acutely aware of what drives sporting endeavor and athletic pursuit because they have that same drive!  We know and understand the limitations and negative impact on your life that a sporting injury can cause, because most of us have been there ourselves!!  We have played elite level Rugby League, fallen off road bikes, punched boxing bags, done countless workouts and run more kilometres than we can think of.  And we have treated, managed and overcome all of the injuries associated with that.

However, we have learned that the best way to overcome Sports Injuries are to prevent them.  That is why we are such big believers in rehabilitating injuries totally and allowing people to achieve their full potential.  Often our patients are discharged with a plan to cover their ongoing rehabilitation for the next 6 months.

Make an appointment at Physique Physiotherapy today to get treatment for your Sports Injuries. Start the rehabilitation now and get back to performing as you want to be.

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