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Return to Work

An ever increasing number of studies are showing that being off work can contribute to a host of other non-financial issues. Physiotherapy and other rehabilitation will get you back to life much more quickly than going it alone. It is our job and passion to care about you and your livelihood and to make things better for you as soon as possible!

How to Get Started

If you are a private patient looking for assistance to return to work, no referral is needed. Simply make an appointment and bring along any information you may have relating to the issue. You will be assessed, treated and be given a concrete strategy on how we will work together to get you back to work.

If you are coming to see us under a Work Cover QLD claim, the first thing you need to do is see your GP. They will give you a Medical Certificate detailing your injury and they will submit your claim to Work Cover. Then you just need to call us and book in! Once your claim has been accepted you are entitled to an initial 5 physiotherapy sessions until further approval has been obtained, which we organise for you if needed!

We Handle Work Cover

We love making things as easy as we can for our patients. As part of your Work Cover treatment, we will make progress reports on your behalf, request all treatment needed, give updates and obtain approval for any aids or exercise equipment we feel would benefit your recovery.

Suitable Duties

At Physique Physiotherapy, Mount Tamborine, we work in conjunction with your doctor, your employer and work cover to develop suitable duty programs for a graduated return to work.  This helps to make sure that when you do go back to work, your problem won’t flare up and result in more time off.

Ongoing Support

At any time during or after your treatment with Physique you are welcome to call or email us if you have questions, concerns, or for further help should you ever need it. Our therapist are always willing to answer any questions you may have and address any concerns that may come up.

If you have had a recent injury or ongoing issue due to your job and are seeking help, we would love to be part of your team. Contact Physique to get started on your road back to health.

Let's get you booked in...