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Post Surgery Rehab

The Importance of Therapy?

After surgery we can all feel a little bit like taking it easy.  Unfortunately, often this can be the worst thing for us.  Our bodies require specific and targeted therapy after surgery in order to get us back functioning optimally and as quickly as possible.  It is important to continue the exercises given to you when you were discharged from hospital, but if you fail to progress your exercises further as you recover,  you will fail to get stronger and fitter.  At Physique Physiotherapy, Mount Tamborine, we will progress these exercises when it is required and we will use our Hands-On manual therapy skills to loosen off any areas in your body which may be stopping you from getting back to your best.

Specialist Referrals...

Surgeons and specialist clinics are normally more than happy to refer you to a physio clinic on Mount Tamborine to be closer to home after your surgery. By designating Physique as your physio provider, you will enable us to work closely with your surgeon or specialist to provide the best possible outcome for you.

Transition Care Program
(Qld Health Partnership)

The Transition Care Program (TCP) is a Government funded program that aims to minimise the number of older people experiencing inappropriate extended hospital lengths of stay and/or being prematurely admitted to residential care. If you meet the criteria, funding can be granted for at home or in clinic visits with a therapist from Physique, therefore lessening the need to return to hospital for treatment post-surgery. NOTE: Only clinics registered with this QLD Health program can provide funded physiotherapy treatment.

Get back to all your life has to offer as quickly as possible by letting us help you along your recovery. To speak to a physiotherapist about how soon you can start treatment after a surgery, or to book an appointment contact Physique Health today.

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