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Physio for Kids

We are operating a purpose-built paediatrics clinic at LS Health Services based in Jimboomba to provide physiotherapy for the wider Scenic Rim community. Please contact the clinic for more information about this additional service on 5545 1133. 

Of course, you are able to access or Paediatric Physiotherapy services right here on Tamborine Mountain. 

In a perfect world every child would grow and develop without any troubles at all, but every parent knows that children all need help in some way at some time. It’s not silly to have concerns about how they are going, and often it’s the parents who detect that there is something not quite right before anyone else can. The Paediatric Physiotherapy services we offer at Physique Health can help in ways you might never expect, from learning development to coordination to growing pains. Even if you are not sure, call today to have a chat with a physio about whether or not your child could benefit from treatment.

Common Childhood Problems

Babies: Sometimes the delicately forming muscles and joints of a baby need a little extra care to ensure they form in the right way.  Their necks, feet and hips are the particular areas that are more commonly affected during growth.   As your child grows, occasionally they may also need some gentle direction to ensure their movement stays on track.

Toddlers to School Age:  The gross motor, or whole body movement, development and coordination is the primary area that we most commonly see children in this age group.  Sometimes there are also general aches and pains, tight muscles or injuries that occur.

What to Expect in Treatment...

Kids are always welcome at Physique, and our whole staff endeavors to make them feel right at home.  There is a play area in the waiting room and toys are more than appropriate in the treatment rooms!

Physio treatment for kids is different than how it might be for adults. Often for assessments, games are played, gentle questions are asked and the tone is one of fun rather than a “serious appointment”.  

Activity Plans, Referrals & Guidance...

There are often simple and fun activities your child can do at home that can go a long way in correcting a problem. You will be given a good understanding of where your child is in relation to their age specific guidelines, comprehensive education as to the nature of the issue, guidelines for what to expect in terms of improvement, and advice on  what to do if your child does not show signs of improvement. Most home activity plans are fun!

 If your child’s therapist uncovers in assessment any issues that fall outside of the scope of paediatric physiotherapy, you will be given a thorough outline of your options, guidance for your next step in who to contact, educational resources to check out and referral letters to specialists if there may be a need.

Eliminate unnecessary worry and fear about how your child is going, and take an easy step to get them back on track today. Make an appointment at Physique Physiotherapy today or call Physique Health Physiotherapy to have your child assessed by a qualified physiotherapist.

Let's get you booked in...