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Hands-On Physiotherapy

At Physique Health Physiotherapy, we believe strongly in providing the most effective health care solutions for all of our patients.  That is why we have a strict NO MACHINES policy.  What this means to you is that for the entire duration of your appointment you will experience the physiotherapist using their hands to correct any poor movement patterns or joint and soft tissue issues related to your symptoms. 

Why Does It Work?

Old school physiotherapy tended to be heavily reliant on machines as a treatment modality.  This meant that traditionally physiotherapists would treat more of the symptoms of your complaint rather than the cause. 

Hands-on therapy addresses and treats the underlying cause of the symptoms and the hands of a skilled therapist can tell much more about your body and movement issues than any feedback system on a machine. Today’s trained physios are experts at not only diagnosing the reason for your pain and suffering, but also have the skills to be able to address these issues using manual therapy.  

We love the amount of positive feedback we receive from our community members about the real results they have achieved through Physique.

Not only does hands-on therapy work, it makes you feel great!

Our Aim?

Let us provide you with the personalised, caring and effective treatment that you require.  Let us make a difference in your life and help get you back to doing the things that you lov

Make an appointment at Physique Physiotherapy today to get treated by a therapist that believes that Hands-On physiotherapy treatment is the most effective way to provide long lasting solutions to your health issues.

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